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(Vintage Film Reviews) - The Grudge 2 (With The Grudge 1 in brief)

For those who haven't seen The Grudge, here is a short update.Yes

The Grudge is about Matthew Williams, who receives a promotion at work and moves to Tokyo with his family. His wife, Jennifer and his sister Susan, choose a house where they move to along with his ailing mother Emma.

A social worker, Yoko offers to help Emma with the cleaning around the house and she hears noises through her walkman, goes to investigate and then meets her demise.

As Yoko did not turn up the following day for work, another social worker is dispatched to cover for her and check on the house, (Sarah Michelle Geller) who plays Karen.

Upon arrival, she notices that Yoko’s bike is still parked up at the houseConfused, phones her boss to come over and as she is waiting for him with Emma who seems to be the only one left in the house, Emma starts talking as if she is talking to someoneIndifferent. Karen then asks her about it, when Emma says she wants her to leave her alone. Moreover, a noise of creaking floorboards are now heard and black hair starts to come down from the corner of the room and this is the arrival of Kayako, who then starts reaching for Emma but then notices Karen. As Kayako’s eyes are rolled back, they fall into place to “LOOK” at Karen and then Alex comes in to find Karen in shock starring at the ceiling and Emma dead on the floor.

Karen is then visited by a detective who asks her questions and then goes to the house to, yep, you’ve guessed it.

Karen then goes back to the house (like going there once and seeing a woman merge from the corner of the ceiling weren’t enoughIndifferent) to find out more, when she finds her boyfriend there looking for her. Kayako comes to get them and Karen attempts to burn down the house as her chosen method to remedy the situation. That is where the film ends.

The Grudge would swiftly get a 9/10 for it’s way to keep you jumping. I never knew of such a film that made me come out the cinema paro to go home.

The Grudge 2

The opening scene is set in Chicago with a trance-like, Trish (Jennifer Beals) cooking breakfast in the kitchen and Bill (Christopher Cousins), her husband is vex at her for not cooking his breakfast right.

The film then flips to Japan 2 years after the house was burned down with 3 school girls in an International High School, leaving to go home but end up being farse to stop in "the house". Although two of the girls, (Theresa Palmer) as Vanessa and (Misako Uno) as Muyuki, have heard about the house and tell Allison, who has just found new “friends” with these girls, does not know a thing and these girls decide to go into the house and pressure (Arielle Kabbel) as Allison, to close her eyes whilst in "the cupboard" and count to 10 to try and test the myth behind the house.

Allison who is already reluctant about the house goes into a cupboard?

The film then makes a transition to Karen's sister Aubrey (Amber Tamblyn), being called by a sickly Mother (Joanna Cassidy) to go and get Karen and bring her home as there has been an accident where she tried to burn down the house, kill her boyfriend and now she's in hospital.

This is where the film got confusing.

There are three parts to the movie. The beginning is the end and the school girls is the middle. The scene’s with Karen’s sister are after the events of the first Grudge film. So technically, you are watching, The Grudge 1.5 then The Grudge 2.Geeked

After being told not to go into the house, Aubrey goes into the house, meets a reporter/journalist who is trying to seek out the truth behind the house. She then goes on a journey to only then go back to the house later on and meet her curse.Huh?

Back to the beginning of the film, bearing in mind, is the end of the film; we have Jake (Matthew Knight), who has just moved into this new apartment with his father and step mother so he is just adjusting to the new surroundings when one night he hears a noise and he gets out of his bed. He then finds a figure being brought home by the couple down the hall and continues to Columbo his way to the truth.

The film ends with a sort of twist to bring the story together with Jake being scared out of his cranium with the figure in front of him who ends up being (haha…watch the film and see) and then after a lil brief conversation and a little “borrowing clothes” momentConfused, the film ends.Indifferent

The Grudge basically takes the biscuit. In my opinion, what makes The Grudge so chilling is the fact that, once you go into the house there is no escape from Kayako and Toshio.

29th November 2006 12:46am


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