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(Vintage Film Reviews) Borat - Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan

Borat, full name Borat Sagdiyev is said to be born in July 30th 1972, who is a Kazakhstani Journalist who goes around to different cities and countries to learn from their culture to benefit his home country.

For those who do not know, Borat is a fictional character played by Sacha Baron Cohen, an English comedian.
Sacha's character Borat, first appeared on Da Ali G show, where Sacha also played Ali G among other fictionl characters. Setting up and arranging interviews with the public who ostensibly believe that the interviews are sincere and legitimate.

The Borat film 'Borat - Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan' is just that. DO not mistake this for a film and do not take the entire show seriously. This is indeed a Mocumentary that only (possibly) a handful of people know what is going on, but everyone else is totally obivious. In saying that, this is a documentary that will have repercussions as people do feel that the entire show is indeed sincere.

This low budget documentary takes the viewers on a journey with Borat from his home country of Kazakhstan to the United States. You get to see his country, his village and his neighbours. You then get to meet his family briefly before he ventures off to America.

We are then following Borat from New York where he lands, to California where he has plans to make Pamela Anderson his wife. On the journey, he visits a few states and meets a lot of different people along the way before returning home.

When watching this show, i was in a lot of shock/horror with my mouth partly opened and one hand over it. I couldn't believe what i was seeing in some scenes and in other scenes, i was in tears with laughter.

Borat makes a mockery out of all the people in such a way, most occasions the audience will find him funny and the people who are being mocked will either, 1 - get offended, 2 - laugh it off as they don't have a clue or 3 - go along with it.

The documentary has anti-semitism, racism, sexcism, homophobia, prejudices and all sorts throughout, but it is down to the individual to either laugh or cry.

This is most definately a documentary EVERYONE will need to watch at some stage in their life. I dont think many will find the whole documentary outrageously offensive, except maybe the people in the documentary, but this is most definitely a documentary to watch and own.


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