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(Vintage Film Reviews) - Blood & Chocolate

This film is based on a Novel of the same name. It stars Agnes Bruckner as Vivian, a young woman living in Romania after her parents were killed when she was a little girl. She stays with her Aunt and does a spot of, what seems to be 'Free-running' and makes Chocolate.
Her Aunt was a mate of the wolf pack's leader, Gabriel. They had a Son called Rafe and due to pack law, Gabriel has to find a new mate every 7 years. Also, there is a prophecy that a female loup-garou will lead all loup-garou into the age of hope and Gabriel thinks this wolf will be Vivian, and for this reason he wants to marry her.

To add to the story, an artist called Aiden who writes graphic novels, falls in love with Vivian after bumping into her in a church they had both broken into at different times, one night for different reasons. He so happens to be studying the loup-garou for his novels and is intrigued by Vivian's beauty and follows her for days before they start to see each other. They end up meeting secretly until Vivian's cousin Rafe catches them with his gang and tells Gabriel who then orders him and his gang to get Aiden out of the city, even if they have to kill him as he is obviously a distraction to the master plan.

After a bit of a scrap, Aiden accidentally kills Rafe in self defense in which leads to the entire wolf pack out to kill him and Vivian to the rescue to save the man she loves.

I did very well to get this far in this review. At least i gave you guys a review, because this film is so poor, i only stayed to watch the film to the very end to see how cheesy it was going to get. You can watch cheese and be like, 'ok, that was cheesy', when you think that can't be beaten for the pure unadulterated cheddar cheese that it was, this film proves you wrong, time and time again.
Although this is meant to be a romantic film, possibly soppy to some people, i have seen better romantic films. This film was just whack. Don't even read the title out loud when you see it. The film isn't even worth that. The film could have been much better and what made it worst, from the same people who brought us Underworld, how did this film manage to have such poor special effects.
There is a part where these wolf people turn into wolves and it was like someone flashed a torch and the person changed from human appearance to wolf creature.

10 May 2007 at 08:47am


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