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(film review) The Book of Eli

As we love these, this is another Post-Apocolyptic film for my reviews, however this one isn't about rabid Zombies pulling limbs and flesh off and trying to eat people alive, this is about a book. Sounds a bit boring really. I mean who wants to see a film about a book? But then again, they made a film about a ring and that was around 9hrs long AND they are doing 2 prequels. I digress.

Watching this film, I couldn't help but think of Mad Max mixed with something else...I just can't think of the other film right now, but the desert, the vehicles (a little), you know. The action was decent, in fact, the action was excellent if you watch the whole film and think about all the action again.

It all starts with 'The Walker' (Denzel Washington) who basically shows you how it is like without McDonalds, KFC, Wimpy, Ihop or Wendy's being around. We also see how he basically survives from night to night and how he keeps a cool head with a no-nonsense attitude letting nothing get in his way while he 'WALKS' West. He is a man on a mission and so is Carnegie (Gary Oldman)who plays 'The Bad Guy' in the film, who sends goons that cannot even read to look for a specific book. Pointless, I know.
The point of the whole film is that, The walker protects the book while he is trying to get to somewhere and Carnegie wants the book as it is believed by him to hold such a significant "Power" that, the town he already oversees, he is able to construct more and gather more people and, well, basically rebuild the world since the last World War basically destroyed much of it, so it is believed.

The Walker walks into Carnegie's town and realising that The Walker can read and has a book in his possession, all hell breaks loose while Carnegie stops at nothing to retrieve this book.

The pacing of this film isn't that bad. If your tired, you might just fall asleep. Not saying it's boring but the action isn't consistent. So in a moment when a bird is flying in the air or the walker is ransacking buildings, you might fall asleep as it's not THAT interesting, but if you watch carefully, tells a lot about the film.

A lot of things were said about this film before I saw it. I heard it's good, I heard it's rubbish and well, it's one of those films you'll need to watch it again. What makes me laugh, is that at the end of the film, it throws in a huge 'WTF' in your face which makes you rethink the whole film. I mean the twist compels me to watch it again, but unfortunately, this isn't a GREAT film in which you can watch over and over and over again, so I'm not in a hurry. Maybe once or twice....maybe 3 times at max, but then that's about it. Not a grammy award winner or a film that will stand out in Denzel Washington's career. Although in saying that, his acting was good and he may go to do more films in which he does more fighting, but other than all that, The Book of Eli is a decent watch.
I'd say watch it and don't listen to what other people think of the film. Watch it with a clear head, expect anything and be very observant. Out Now!!!



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