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(trailer review) - The Umbrella Academy: Season 3

You know, they have been teasing the trailer to this show since the beginning of the year and I felt it was going to drop any minute soon. Any minute soon it will come. The trailer is just around the corner. And five months down the line, here it is. In all it's umbrella style glory.  If you have not read my previous reviews on The Umbrella Academy, I implore you. Have you not watched the series before, I implore you. If this trailer feel makes you smile, if they trailer makes you interested or intrigued, I suggestion you start from season one as this show is soo so soooo good!  It's like X-Men but the team of X-Men are siblings that only just about get on. After the events of the last movie, the cliffhanger is essentially where we leave off with season 3 and that is an adventure into the unknown. Sparrow Academy! Who are they? So basically, another version of the X-Men team and from another timeline? I have no idea. Nor do I know if they will stay going head-to-head throughout
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(trailer review) - Gangs of London

Out of nowhere a show called Gangs of London popped up and hit us with soo much grit, I thought I was participating in Tough Mudder. It was a combination of the film 'The Raid' mixed with UK, British sensibilities, let's say, a Lock Stock or Snatch. Not to say that this show has Guy Ritchie all over it, but it has that type of feel and style minus the dialogue and banter. With action scenes that pour blood with the spitting of teeth through raw violence, not that far from the Netflix Dardevil series, possibly a little worse, this show packs more than a punch. So, to see this show back, brings a smile to my face, because every show and film I just mentioned, I loved them, so to get a second series...which is only right, of just great. This is just a teaser trailer which doesn't show much at all but I'm here for it. It is great to see the main protagonist back as he did a great job in the first show and I just wonder where they may go since the events of t

(trailer review) - Avatar: The Way of Water

I remember when the first Avatar trailer airred and people were enamoured by the sheer look of this movie. Sam Worthington was a growing star and so was Zoe Saldana. James Cameron was, well...James Cameron, the man behind The Terminator & Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Aliens (Alien 2), The Abyss, True Lies, and of course, the Titanic. With a filmography possibly just as long as Zack Snyder and not much longer, considering how long he has been in the game for, James has produced classics and films that break the box office records of all time. The first film did this and to my general and most recent knowledge, still holds that position. While the first film came out in 2009, 13 years later and this trailer for a sequel, part 2 of an additional 3? Looks absolutely amazing. Whilst this is a teaser trailer, it shows us the key notes we need to know. It is several years later and the couple now have a child. The Na'vi seem to be deep-sea diving and exploring the depths of the planet

(trailer review) - Obi Wan Kenobi

( Teaser Trailer ) First of all, that Disney Plus logo gets some great action with whatever it is promoting in the trailers to a TV show. The Lightsabre! Great usage. Secondly, was that Kamil? I hoping to see a BUNCH of Jedi's getting taken out...hundreds! Whilst the teaser trailer was good and gave us a little taster of what to expect, this trailer gives us soo much more. This trailer! The production, the design, the story! This looks like it is a concentrated blend of The Prequels, The Original Trilogy and quite possibly, The Sequel Trilogy as well as the Cartoons. This looks soo good and I am definitely here for it. I am here for a possible sequel or sequels if they choose to take this further as his hair isn't greyed out yet, there is plenty of time! Great seeing some old and new characters, I just want to see how they weave this into Star Wars lore.

(trailer review) - Lightyear

The big and dirty laugh I just let out from the bit with the finger. How something soo innocent can be warped due to perspective, I love it. This is how Pixar do jokes. This is how Pixar show other animation studios how they are the leaders in this field.  This trailer just improved upon the last one which improved on the teaser we got late last year. How do Pixar get it soo right? This trailer gives us everything you need to know and then some. I'm pretty sure that is Taika Waititi and that sounds NOTHING like Issa Rae, unless who I thought was her, isn't. I am very much loving the look of this, it looks very impressive.

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