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(trailer review) - Black Adam

I am not 100% sure if I am fully involved with this movie. The music is off-putting and the film seems more fantastical than Shazam, as if it does not take place within the same universe or era. They mention the future and considering Superman is in the same universe as Batman (Ben Affleck), The Flash and Wonder Woman, so that would also mean, so is Shazam, whilst considering the cameo in the first movie, this film just looks different. Very spectacular, you know. It would be great to get some Peacemaker in there at some point. This film feels like it has been 26 years in the making. From when it was announced to finally having an official trailer 26 years later and I am just not sure how I feel about it at present. Maybe my mood may shift having watched it more than once, but the only thing I liked was seeing Pierce Brosnan and hearing the lines, "Heroes don't kill people!" "I do!". It gave me Wesley Snipes as Blade vibes. Maybe I will warm up to it more anothe
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(trailer review) - Prey

For those who may not have seen the trailer yet, this film is a Predator prequel. Perhaps a reboot of the franchise too. For those who love the franchise will be happy to see this trailer, but for those like me, who liked Predator, Predator 2 (to an extent), Predators (it was ok) then Alien Vs Predator and Alien Vs Predator: Requiem (from poor to even worse), you might feel that another crack at the Predator franchise is simply, just bad business at this point, especially after the last Predator movie directed by Shane Black crashed and burned. But although I am sceptical, this trailer reminded me of The Revenant meets Predator and the Bear is NOT getting the Oscar. We start off with a young lady trying to prove herself to her tribe that she can hunt, maybe a rite of passage. Upon trying to hunt for a bear, she is attacked and runs for cover, however from what seems like the case in the trailer, she is saved by a Predator. But now she becomes the hunted and she must try to survive this

(trailer review) - Bullet Train

The first trailer had me. This trailer has me even more but I am a touch concerned. Whilst this trailer continues to bring us the tone of this movie, this trailer is also giving us nothing but new scenes and a bit more of the story. Why this bothers me, on this occasion, well...I felt like I saw the entire movie. An Assassin who believes he has bad luck goes on a mission to obtain a suitcase but is encountered by other assassins who are also out for the same suitcase and everyone is stuck on a bullet train. Sounds great, high speed action, witty banter and comical notes with a few explosions, however...did they also show us the end of the movie? I hope not. A lot of what they have showed us in this trailer is great, but if they have also shown a bit of the ending, it doesn't take much to think they also showed us all the action too. Regardless I hope to see it AND I hope it is great!

(trailer review) - Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 2

The cartoon series of Star Wars plays a part in Star Wars lore that nobody really pays attention to. While a lot of people see cartoons in general are for kids, it is really over recent years, the stigma of cartoons has began to break away from being just for kids. Yes we have American Dad, Family Guy and such, but sometimes even the title/brand itself plays a part to what people think of cartoons. Star Wars is seen as Sci-Fi fantasy and whilst it is aimed at kids predominantly, Star Wars is aimed at the kids we were when we were younger, ie the adults who watched Star Wars as a child. With that said, yes there will be some themes here and there but we are looking at a product essentially catered for everyone and as much as it can. This trailer though, blimey...does this look really good. The first season was cool. Slightly more adult than the earlier seasons and episodes of Star Wars: Rebels but fleshing out the world from Star Wars: The Clone Wars more and introducing specific charac

(trailer review) - Gangs of London: Series 2

Ok, so it is here. The Gangs of London trailer is here and I would be lying if I said I did not get what I asked for. Gasps. The exclamation of "Jesus!" And "Oh my God!". It looks like Gareth Edwards is back to form and I love it. I feel like we have had a two year pandemic with soo many shows shoved into our faces in the later half of the past year along with a lot of personal growth and/or challenges that trying to remember a show (I at least binged), the story plot and characters is difficult enough to remember everything what was going on and had happened. This trailer helps to bridge the gaps in our memories. So we have the protagonist back and it seems like he is going to be caught in a fued with the main family and a new player/investor in whom will do anything it takes to control London. It seems the mother has a new identity and will be seeking war whilst London turns into a battleground for control and all gangs clash heads. It is great to see some fresh f

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