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(trailer review) - Ozark: Season 4

( First Look Trailer ) You know when you know something is going to be mad! This is definitely that time. And this is definitely it! So, in September, these guys dropped a first look trailer and I said what I said..." at this point I'm all in ". However, watching this trailer, I'm fully stressed out! Have you tried to watch this trailer and listen to what is being said and fully comprehend the magnitude of what is going on? Although there is a few shots in this and creatively, going backwards from a car accident on a busy road, if you think about the previous seasons and what happened, if you do not feel just a little stressed or on edge, you might need to see a professional about your condition. Oh by the way, there is also an announcement trailer they dropped last month i completely missed. This could not come out soon enough.   Directed by  Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams and starring Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, You can comment down below to enter in discussions. T
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(trailer review) - Don't Look Up

( Teaser Trailer ) First of all, although I've said it before, I will say it again, this film looks absolutely crazy and funny.  Considering there is soo much quality talent in this movie and the delivery from these actors, is this film campaigning for an Oscar? DiCaprio, Hill, Streep and Lawrence alone are absolutely killing it! Even more in this trailer, with the addition of Pearlman, Perry and Blanchett, like, is this equivalent of a Wes Anderson movie? This trailer not only shows us much more than the previous trailer, but more laughs and comic antics and more actors, but maybe I missed this was based on a real life situation, this film is a definite must see for me as it looks like  cleverly written and crafted film that might actually win a few awards. Directed  by Adam McKay and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, Mark Rylance, Tyler Perry, Timothée Chalamet, Ron Perlman, Ariana Grande, Scott Mescudi, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep You can co

(trailer review) - Spider-Man: No Way Home

  ( Teaser Trailer ) As I previously said in my last trailer review, "This has to be Hollywood's worse kept secret and with the entire UNIVERSE (it would seem) wanting to see a Spider-Man trailer, Sony has been forced to drop the trailer..." But this trailer is not only a GREAT trailer, Sony are still holding all the cards and I love it! Whilst this has been spoken about for likely a year and a half, rumours, speculations and all sorts in abundance, this trailer gives a lot away whilst holding onto the "surprise" everyone has been talking about for what seems like many moons now.  Is it true? Is it not? Who cares at this point?  This trailer does enough to allude that these "other spider-men" are in the movie, to even....what it seems, have been digitally erased them from this trailer.  It is great seeing Sandman and The Lizard, but Electro looks amazing, especially with his design, mostly comic-book accurate.  Seeing Doc-Ock back and Green Goblin, bot

(trailer review) - Baymax

(Official Trailer) A series called Baymax from Big Hero 6!? Nah...I'm not going to lie, but learning about this made me smile because I really enjoyed Big Hero 6 as I found the film really good, but at the same time, Big Hero 6 was really dark in places. [SPOILERS] Big Hero 6 cam out in 2014, but when the brother died, I was devastated and couldn't believe Disney would hit me like that.  Right in the feels.  I was in soo much shock I was a little angry that Disney went out their way to crush you at the beginning of the movie! The animation looks sooo good.  Pixar at this rate are Gods in the game at this point as they know how to juggle child and adult friendly content, with jokes and for it to be understood by both children and adults alike and usually very entertaining.  I've forgotten how funny Baymax itself is and that coffee shop part was funny..."Steve???".  It would be interesting to know the story and as to why Baymax seems alone in this movie. Directed  b

(trailer review) - Ghostbusters: Afterlife

December 2019 was when we got the first trailer and aost exactly 2 years later, we get the final trailer and whilst this trailer shows us more action, more hints to cameos and...well, more ghosts and ghouls, this trailer did nothing for me. The aim of a trailer is to get you interested in a film and move the bar for you to get you interested.  I was already interested. This trailer didn't do anything more other reconfirming that I want to see it.  And according to this trailer, The Black man is ever ready.

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