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trailer review) - The Protégé

( Exclusive Official Trailer ) Due to the panini, the pandemonium, the pancake mix, the pancetta or whatever we want to label last years infamous word of 2020, the Pandemic, movies went on hold for an entire year.  Of course there were a few that tried to come out and didn't do too well, Bloodshot, Tenet etc, (although having not seen Bloodshot, Tenet WAS the better film), we are currently being inundated with trailers and movies and if I'm being honest, I do feel some films are really going to feel the wrath of a scared and concerned people.  People do not want to go into cinemas due to risking catching a case of Corona Virus 2019.  Movies such as Black Widow has not grossed the money it would have normally on opening weekend and rightfully so, because no one really wants to go to the cinema...oh, and Disney released it also on Disney+ at the same time.  People are being more selective about what they are coming out of their homes to watch.  With that said, right now, cinema&#
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(trailer review) - King Richard

I don't know much about Tennis.  I know how to play it, I think.  You know, hit the ball over the net and the scoring is a little weird, but other than that, I think I am quite competent in swinging a racket and running left to right.  I actually don't mind playing the sport in video games too, but strangely enough, I don't watch it.  I don't watch Venus or Serena Williams play either.  I might have seen a few games here and there if the Tennis is on but, I've never been too involved in sport like that.  I'm the same with Football and other sports, I just don't care for them that much.  But this trailer... this trailer looks sooo so good, I am fully intrigued and would like to see this movie as I'm sure this will go into detail on the amazing work Richard has done for his family especially his daughters. I don't know much about Serena & Venus' life growing up.  I heard somewhere that the town the grew up in was riddled in gang violence etc, s

(trailer review) - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

( Official Trailer ) ( Official Teaser ) And just like that, Marvel wants to keep the momentum going and drop yet another trailer for Shang-Chi that shows not only a few scenes we have seen before, but different parts of those same scenes/fights and could there possibly be a reason to not be involved or interested in this movie? I mean they must have thought we have forgotten about this movie or something, like the buzz has died down. The more I see of Awkwafina, brings me warmth and some much needed comedic value this movie will need to help balance out the tone.  A ruthless father trying to give his son his empire but his son is required to fight for it?  The legend of the Ten Rings?  What is done with the 10 rings and how they are being used in combat also looks great too.  Unless I'm mistaken, like a whip?  Oh and Shang-Ghi's Superhero landing is unrivalled! Directed by  Destin Daniel Cretton and starring Simu Liu, Awkwafina, Tony Leung, Fala Chen, Meng'er Zhang, Floria

(trailer review) - Ghostbusters: Afterlife

( Mini-Puft Character Reveal Trailer ) ( Official Trailer ) When they first dropped a trailer some time in 2019!!! I honestly felt that this rendition AND reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise was seemingly closer to the original in spirit, like a spiritual successor, no pun intended.  Having seen this second trailer, I can definitely confirm and truly believe that this WILL be a much better movie than the all women one they brought out a few years ago.  Not because it was all women or anything like that, but that movie felt like it was a corpse with no heart, there was not much life to it at all and where it was funny in places, it just didn't seem to offer much. This trailer is GREAT! The tie-ins to the original Ghostbusters movie does not feel forced.  It seems as though the original two are used as an anchor to steady this ship so the story does not go off the rails.  It has enough modern to it whilst bringing back some old school elements, wasn't that that dog-beast-thingy

(trailer review) - Army of Thieves

It's funny that I read the title of this movie and instantly thought 'Den of Thieves' and questioned myself with, "Didn't they do a film with this name recently?".  My brain knew it was something familiar to me but I couldn't quite place it.  It was only when I pressed play on the trailer and saw the guy from Army of the Dead, that I realised what I was looking at, the prequel to Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder and instantly, I was intrigued. You see I read about this when I was reviewing Army of the Dead and thought it was a little strange, but of course, interesting.  The world which makes up Army of the Dead is something, for those who liked Army of the Dead, fascinating especially where there might be some time travel involved and the Zombies, might not even be, well...Zombies.  If Snyder can do a series of movies within this world but centred around different things and different story elements, it could be quite compelling, especially if you dig litt

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